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Women's Sterling Silver Toggle Bracelets

Bracelets are a popular accessory with many women, but fastening them can be a challenge. Many pretty bracelets have clasps that are so difficult to secure with one hand you hardly ever wear it, and when you do, you worry about it falling off. If you have trouble with traditional clasps, then women’s sterling silver toggle bracelets might be a better choice. Toggle bracelets are easy to fasten because instead of a traditional clasp, they have a larger link and a straight bar that slides into it.

The result is a bracelet that is easy to secure, even with one hand. This style of clasp is becoming more popular, so there are more and more silver toggle bracelets to choose from. Many are a simple silver link design; they can be elegant on their own or are easy to add charms to. Some even come with silver charms, like religious icons or hearts to symbolize love. Hobby charms are also popular, like sports balls, dancing shoes, or musical symbols. Other women’s sterling silver toggle bracelets are made of stones joined by silver links, of one color or different stones that create a colorful pattern. Popular stones include turquoise, whose blue is unique and goes well with brightly colored clothes; amber, whose earth tones match greens and browns; and of course birthstones, of the wearer or her family. As more and more styles of toggle bracelets are made, anyone will be able to find the perfect one for them or as a gift for a love one.

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