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Sterling Silver Stackable Gemstone Rings

We all like to have variety in our lives, but many of us also have favorite items that we want to wear everyday. Finding the balance between variety and stability can be tricky. One happy medium is to have sterling silver stackable gemstone rings, which both provide variety and are worn every day. Stackable rings are sold in sets that are made to fit together, so that you can wear multiple rings together. One popular type is made of simple sterling silver bands, with a gemstone set into the metal. They might come in a set of about five, each with a different colored gemstone, for example a diamond, a rub, an emerald, a sapphire, and an amethyst. With such a set, you can both wear them every day and have a dozen different looks.

You can wear one ring for a simpler look or wear two or three in combinations to match your outfit and create different looks. You might even be able to wear all five at once or on different fingers, adding even more style and color to you hands. Stackable rings are designed to fit together, forming something more like one large ring than several thin ones, for a more comfortable fit. Bands might be simple, or might have a design etched in, or use a wave design to fit together. There are numerous styles, so anyone can find one they like. A set of sterling silver stackable gemstone rings makes a great gift for someone looking to add color and variety to their hands.

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