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Sterling Silver Necklaces

Sterling silver necklaces are a popular accessory today, among men and women of all ages. They are a simple, elegant, and affordable piece of jewelry that comes in enough styles to suit the tastes of anyone. Some people like the look of silver more than that of gold, perhaps for the color or perhaps because of the colors it matches. Silver necklaces are a versatile piece of jewelry, which can be added to for different occasions or worn alone. Very short chains offer a ‘choker’ type look, while long ones hang further down. Simple chains also come in different thicknesses, from fine chains preferred by many women to thicker, heavier ones preferred by men.

There are also link chains, made of many small circles or ovals, and woven chains, which are made of several fine chains braided together. Sterling silver chains are often worn to accent an outfit, but they are also commonly used to hold pendants. Some necklaces have a pendant attached to them; it may be welded into the metal of the necklace, or even be part of it. Other pendants and necklaces come separately, so that you can choose the size you want. Silver necklaces are a very versatile accessory, simple enough to wear to work or out to a bar with friends, but also elegant enough to wear to special events like weddings and formal dinners. Whatever the occasion, you can choose a sterling silver necklace of the perfect length, thickness, and style from the many available.

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