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Quality Sterling Silver Jewelry

One of the biggest questions people have when buying jewelry is how high quality it is. No one wants to buy a piece of jewelry, whether for themselves or for someone else, and later find out that is low quality. Finding quality sterling silver jewelry can be a challenge, especially for those who rarely make such purchases. One way to check the quality of a piece is to ask about or look for the percentage of silver in the item. Silver is a fairly soft metal, so it is virtually never used in its pure form. Items made of pure silver would not hold their shape, so things like jewelry and cutlery are made of silver with another metal, usually copper, mixed in for strength.

High quality sterling silver jewelry will be about ninety-two and a half percent silver; this is the highest content it can have without being too soft to hold a shape. Jewelers selling good quality merchandise will make it easy to tell what the silver content is, displaying it near pieces or telling customers when showing them an item. If it is hard to find a label or the person working in the shop is evasive about telling you the silver content, be suspicious of the quality of the item. Luckily, there are many retailers selling quality silver jewelry. Most jewelry stores and counters in department stores will have high quality items, as well as possibly carrying lower quality (and therefore lower priced) items. As long as you check, it is easy to find good quality items.

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